Author Information: Born February 17, 1928, in Vermont. He was the son of Haven who was a farmer and Lucile Peck. Robert Newton Peck was a writer and a farmer. He worked variously as a lumber jack, he worked in a paper mill, he worked as a hog butcher, and he worked as a New York City advertising executive. He was Director of Rollins College Writers Conference from 1978 to 1982. He was owner of the Publishing Company PECK PRESS. He was a teacher and speaker at conferences. He served in the U.S. Army Infantry from 1945-1947, he served with the 88th Division in Italy, Germany, and France during World War Two. He then received a commendation.

Book Summary: BRO by Robert Newton Peck is a realistic fiction novel that is suitable for ages 13 and up. This book is about a boy named Tugwell Dockery who is traveling to find his detained brother, Broda Joe who is in prison. They search for each other to reunite become a family again.

Book Setting: BRO by Robert Newton Peck takes you back to the Depression-Era setting of the horse thief in BRO. Tugwell Dockery is orphaned after his parents getting into an accident by a train hitting there vehicle and killing them, his aunt Lulu takes him in while his detained brother, Broda Joe, escapes prison to reunite with Tugwell. The arm of the law soon comes to track down Tugwell's fraternal fugitive.