Taylor Swift- Live Long

I said remember this moment, in the back of my mind
The time we stood with our shaking hands
The crowds in the stands went wild
We were the Kings and the Queens
And they read off our names
The night you danced like you knew our lives
Would never be the same
You held your head like a her
On a history book page
It was the end of a decade
But the start of an age

Long live the walls we crashed through
All the kingdom lights shined just for me and you
I was screaming long live all the magic we made
And bring on all the pretenders
One day, we will be remembered

I said remember this feeling
I passed the pictures around
Of all the years that we stood there
On the side-lines wishing for right now
We are the Kings and the Queens
You traded your baseball cap for a crown
When they gave us our trophies
And we held them up for our town
And the cynics were outraged
Screaming "this is absurd"
Cause for a moment a band of thieves
In ripped up jeans got to rule the world

Long live the walls we crashed through
All the kingdom lights shined just for me and you
I was screaming long live all the magic we made
And bring on all the pretenders
I'm not afraid
Long live all the mountains we moved
I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you
I was screaming long live then look on your face
And bring on all the pretenders
One day, we will be remembered

Hold on to spinning around
Confetti falls to the ground
May these memories break our fall

Will you take a moment, promise me this
That you'll stand by me forever
But if God forbid fate should step in
And force us into a goodbye
If you have children some day
When they point to the pictures
Please tell them my name
Tell them how the crowds went wild
Tell them how I hope they shine

Long live the walls we crashed through
I had the time of my life, with you
Long, long live the walls we crashed through
All the kingdom lights shined just for me and you
I was screaming long live all the magic we made
And bring on all the pretenders
I'm not afraid
Singing, long live all the mountains we moved
I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you
And long, long live then look on your face
And bring on all the pretenders
One day, we will be remembered

Katniss- She is a hunter, a fisher, a provider, a fighter, a lover, and an overall perfect sister. She likes the smaller things in life and enjoys being outside. She cares for her mother and Prim and puts food on the table. Even though she has a soft side she can be very violent and makes sure she gets what she wants, as you see in the Games. She is also not scared to say something or do what she wants. Katniss can even be kinda rude at times. I can't picture her ever wearing a dress, even though she does before the Games. Katniss is what you would call a tomboy and doesn't have a lot of friends.

Gale- He pretty much has all the same characteristics as Katniss. Hunter, fisher, provider, fighter, lover, and perfect brother. It makes sense because they are best friends. He also enjoys the smaller things in life. Even though Gale and Katniss are best friends, he admits to having a crush on her. They both lost their fathers so they share that feeling. He is the perfect example of how a boy should be. Although unlike Katniss, Gale tends to keep to himself a little more and not say what's on his mind. He is so caring though and loves his family and Katniss more than anything.

Peeta- He is Katniss "husband" as they like to tell people. He is a baker and even he is from the same district, he tends to like a little more than the small things. He has more moneythan both Katniss and Gale. He has blonde hair and is very good at doing camoflauge, which he learned from decorating cakes at his fathers bakery. He's not scared to say what he feels and he would do anything for Katniss. Like Gale, he also loves Katniss.


There are two main settings in this book. The first is in District 12, where Katniss lives. It is a small town and very poor. At this point in time it is even worse than it normally would be. An uprising is going on so building are being burned down and fighting is taking place. The other setting would be in the arena. The arena in this Game is like a jungle. There are no buildings and no civilization. Just people trying to kill each other in any way they can. The arena is shaped like a circle or dome and the contestants can not escape in any way. There are animals and lots of tropical trees, but not a lot of water.

The arena
District 12

Two themes that I think are found in the book are strength and love. Strength, because for one you have to be strong to get through the Games. You need to know how to fight and be in great shape. Another type of strengths found in the book is mentally being strong. In order to make it through the Games and the rest of your life you have to be strong. You can't be weak, you need to have a good head on your shoulders and make the best decisions you can possibly make. Love is the other one. Love is shown in a few ways also. For one, the love Katniss shows towards her family and Gale. She loves them so much and does whatever she can to help them stay alive and live a good life. Another type of love is the love that Peeta shows for Katniss. He just absolutely loves her, more than anything. He wants to keep her alive and is willing to get killed in the Games so that happens.


Susan Collins

Since 1991 Susan Collins has been writing for children's television shows. She has worked on the staff of several Nickelodeon shows. While working on a Kids WB show, she met children's author James Proimos, who talked her into writing children's books. Before the Hunger Games Trilogy, she wrote The Underland Chronicles. Susan lives in Connecticut with her family and her pair of kittens that they adopted from their backyard.

1. "If it were up to me, I would try to forget the Hunger Games entirely. Never speak of them. Pretend they were nothing but a bad dream." (pg.3) I chose this passage because it's sad that she is trying to forget it and go back to a normal life, but what she doesn't know is that she will have to relive it all over again.
2. "District 11. Our first stop. I'd rather start in any other district, since this was Rue's home. But that's not how the Victory Tour works." (pg.47) I chose this passage because it just reminds me of how much Katniss cared about Rue. During the Games she reminded her of Prim so it was like having family there to protect again. And to see her die and not be able to do anything about it must have been a horrible feeling. I feel bad for Katniss when she has to go to District 11 and see Rue's family in the audience.
3. "Then I get it, what it means. At least, for me. District 12 only has three existing victors to choose from. Two male. One female... I'm going back into the arena." (pg.173) I chose this passage because i feel so bad for her! All her dreams and everything she was looking forward to is crushed because she needs to go back into the arena. And it's going to be harder this time because everyone participating has won in past years. They are all good and experienced. And what hurts me the most is that she will back in there with Peeta and only one person can win this time. So only one of them could make it out alive.
4. "Oh, right. I'm supposed to be pregnant, I think. While I'm trying to think what that means and how I should act - maybe throw up or something - Finnick has positioned himself at the edge of the water." (pg.272) I chose this passage because I actually find it to be a little funny. She is 17 years old, in the arena fighting for her life, and she is supposed to be pregnant with Peeta's child. She has no idea what to act like or what a pregnant person even does! She doesn't seem pregnant to me in the book at all so I really don't know how the people of the Capital still believe that she is.
5. "Yes, I will keep it. For the few remaining hours of my life I will keep it close. This last gift from Peeta. The only one I can really accept. Perhaps it will give me strength in the final moments." (pg.365) I chose this passage because it show that they both know that they will never see each other again within a day or so. It shows Peeta's love for her and how he wants her to win so he his also willing to kill himself for her to live. This is just a really cute passage and I think it really shows the love in the book.


Catching Fire is the second book i
n the Hunger Games trilogy. The book is about Katniss and Peeta going back into the Games for a second time with two victors from each district. This happens because the Capital is upset with Katniss for the incident with the berries in the first book. She was going to have her and Peeta both eat the berries that would kill them, and there would be no victor that year. The Capital knew that they could not let this happen, so they crowned them both winners. President Snow was upset with her for doing that and uprisings were caused in almost every district. In the end, after the Games is over, Katniss finds out that every person in the Game was fighting to keep her alive and she didn't even know. She sits there, with her mentor Haymitch, while he tells her all of this and she doesn't know what happened to Peeta. She had been trying to keep him alive the whole time they were in the arena and now she doesn't even know where he is or if he is still alive. Turns out the Capital has him and both Katniss and Peeta end up surviving the Games once again.



In Catching Fire, the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy, the author Suzanne Collins, tells about the story of Katniss and Peeta and their fight for survival. Katniss is a 17 year old girl from District 12. She and Peeta were entered into the Hunger Games the year before and came out victors. Now they are on the Victory Tour and visiting each district. President Snow, who lives in the Capital, is upset with Katniss and decides to put a male and a female victor from each district back into the Games. All Katniss knows is that Peeta did everything he could to keep her alive the first time they were in the Games and now it is her time to keep him alive. And that's just what she does.
I think that this is a great book that shows the passion, love, strength, and emotion of the characters you read about. It is a violent but touching story and I think any teen or young adult would be interested in it. I would recommend this book to anyone! The author did an amazing job writing it and really catches the readers attention right from the beginning. Most teens could probably relate to the main characters at one time or another throughout the book. Whether it be Katniss and Gale taking care of their families or Peeta working for his father in the bakery. Little things like that are things that the readers will remember when they are reading. If you are looking for a great read, amazing story, and maybe even some inspiration then this is the book for you!