Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

The book Inheritance by Christopher Paolini is the fourth book about a teenage boy named Eragon who gets the responsibility of the fate of thousands thrust upon him because he is the only hope to overthrow the evil king Galbritorix as the lands newest dragon rider, a defender of the land, But not by choice the egg chose him when he found it one night hunting deer in the Spine( a large haunting mountain range) when it magically appeared and exploded into the ground at his feet in the attempt to transport the egg to Brom one of the very last dragon riders and an old friend of the elves it was intercepted by the Eldunari the spirits of slain dragons hidden on the island of Vranguard, the dragon riders homeland, where they resided before Galbritorix attacked with the help of his 13 rouge riders called The Forsworn. Galbritorix and his followers destroyed every rider and dragon that crossed his path. Only 2 riders and 1 dragon lived brom lost his dragon during the battle but his teacher, Orimis was still safe along with his golden dragon Glendr hidden in the elves mystical forest of Ellismera where they remained hidden from Galbritorix waiting for another dragon rider to emerge so they could pass on there knowledge of magic and combat so the next rider might actually stand a chance against the king and his barrage of magicians. The book Inheritance begins with Eragon fighting alongside his companion Arya and the 13 Elven spell casters charged to protect him in there attempt to capture the city of Dras- leona. As the battle began to draw to an end a cloaked horseman emerged through the cathedral doors with an ere looking spear even by elf standards. The elves eliminated the horse but as it went to fall the rider hurled the lance toward Saphira. She went to deflect it by smacking it aside but she missed and it bypassed her protective wards and buried itself into her chest and neck but missed all major veins and arteries
it only hit muscle and the elves healed her wounds. the weapon that had inflicted the damage was a ancient mystical spear, 1 0f 12 that were forged during the war between the elves and dragons. The elves made the spears from materials and enchantments, techniques they no longer understand, the spears were made for one reason and one reason only to kill dragons. The spears were thought to be lost centuries ago never to be recovered but it seems it must have remained hidden for 1 day it may be needed again. After the battle of Dras-leona Narsuada sent Roran to the city of Aroughs where a large part of the vardens army were stationed laying siege to the city trying to take it in the name of the varden. Narsuada only allotted a week to overthrow a city that they have ben attempting to do for a month, and the city of Aroughs is a solid 4 day ride away and she only promised him 3/4 of the journey he will have fresh horses ready and waiting but after that he would need to obtain his own plus horses for the four other men he will be taking with him. It took them exactly three days a four nights of solid riding to reach the city, once they had to steal horses from an estate and out run hound dogs and guards. But beaten and battered they made it. When Roran arrived at the vardens camp outside the walls of Aroughs a scaggly-looking boy ran up and grabbed the bridle of his mare. When the horse stopped Roran told the boy to get him Captain Brigman. When the captain arrived Roran reached inside his tunic and handed the captain the envelope from Narsuada containing the orders placing Roran in charge.


Eragon- Eragon is the main character of the book he is only about 20 years old he's tall and slightly muscular. During his stay with the elves he attended a traditional celebration called the Blood-Oath celebration the spirit of the dragons transformed him into a elf because of an injury inflicted by a shade(an evil spirit that takes over a magiains body) that constantly sent him into random seizures or fits when he accidently overexerted himself. After the transformation he was no longer incapacited due to his injury and his body showed no kind of bleminsh or scar wherever there used to be one. With his new body he was 10 times stronger then any man he could move faster and jump further, even his swordsmanship improved due to the lack of weight of the sword.

Arya- Arya is the elves embassador and the dragon eggs protector befor it was obtained by eragon. Also she is the elven queens daughter and a skilled warrior. In the first book Eragon rescued her from a prison in the city of Gil'ead with the help of his half brother Murtag who saved him from the shade Durza who would have killed him in his attempt to save her. Arya is also Eragons true love that was never meant to be because even though they look the same age she is several hundred years old.

Murtag- Murtag is Eragons half brother, Son of Morzan the first and the last of the wreched Forsworn. He is slightly shorter then Eragon but is more stocky and muscular. He is also the newest rider of the land but was forced to swear feality to him or he would kill his newly born partner.

Roran- Roran is Eragons cousin that he had lived with most of his life before he had to flee with his dragon. Roran is an extremely skilled warrior. He is also known as StrongHammer because ever since he took his first step into war and battle he has wielded a simple Blacksmiths hammer but uses it with extreme skill. Most have heard of him because of his bravery and sratigic skill. Roran is one of the few men who has bested a full-grown Urgal( large horned hair-less minitour) in a fight with no weapons and no armor after being challenged by an urgal after fearlessly disrespecting him.

Katrina- Katrina is Rorans wife and the mother of his child she is of fair build and has a slightly noble stature and beautiful blue eyes. In the third book Brisngr Eragon and his cousin save katrina from the kings evil henchmen the Ra'zac cloaked birdlike creatures about the size of a human but 10 times as strong they communicate with each other through clicks.

Glendr- Glendr is a riders dragon Named Orimis one of the last riders before Eragon was chosen Glendr is a golden dragon and he is the size of a small mountain and his frond foreleg had been severed during a battle before the riders were attacked. Orimis was the master of brom (Eragons father). In the book glendr is in the form of an Eldunari( an saphirical orb contained inside the chest of a dragon which holds its magical ability and and his conscious). Glendr seperated his Eldunari from his body willingly in the last book after his rider died and he almost went mad with sadness and longing.

Saphira- Saphira is Eragons dragon she is a medium sized dragon with beautiful sapphire scales and bright white ivory spikes running down the spine of her back down to the tip of her tail. She is the last living female dragon.

Angela- Angela is a herbaligist Eragon met in the city of Tierm when he first set out on his journey as a dragon rider. She is the one who told Eragon his future and was suprised to find one part of it was he was going to leave the land to never return again, and in the end he realizes that you cant fight your future. Angela is a beautiful woman that travels all aroung the land meeting new people and making new enemy's Grimmr halfpaw being one of them. Nobody really knows for sure how old Angela is she drinks he own potions to retain a young look. The only one who may know her true age is her werecat Solemnbum.

Solmnbum- Solmnbum is a werecat that Eragon met in the beginning of the first book when he just began his travels as a dragon rider.

A werecat is a race of half cat half humans that can change form on demand they useually take the form of a teenage girl/boy aroung the age of 14

and are invaluable when it comes to spying for nobody expects a cat to be listening.


One of the themes of the book was good vs. evil the gist of the story is everyone good except for people who serve the king, even if they don't mean to be the king makes the swear in the ancient language(The language of magic.) there fealty to him till there Dying breath. Everybody outside the kings rule on the other hand is fighting for the greater good every race side by side Humans, Dwarves, Evles, Urgals, werecats and even dragons all in one great force in the attempt of overthrowing the king and retaking the land and returning it to the way it once was, with the lands prospering, people singing letting peace and harmony spread throughout the land.

Another theme i found in the book was forbidden love. Throughout every book Eragon is deeply head-over-heels in love with the elven princess Arya.
Eragon tries to show his love through many different forms but every time is the same result. In the end i believe that she did love Eragon but it was a love that could never be for she was the daughter of one of his liege lords and the fact that she was hundreds of years older then Eragon. I think one of the reasons she doesn't want to open her heart to him is because she is afraid of losing another person she loves. In the first book when Arya was attacked and forced to teleport the egg the one person she loved was killed by a shade.


I would recommend the Eragon series to anyone who enjoys stories of magic and fantasy. The books have a great story line and very descriptive passages that just suck you into the reading. Once you pick it up you will be pulled into the story of a boy and his dragon, a story of struggling with duties thrust upon him, having the worlds fate resting on his shoulders. But i have told you enough already so now its your job to pick up the book and give it a chance who knos you might be mystified.

About the Auther

Christopher Paolini was born on November 17, 1983 in Southern California. He has lived most of his life in Paradise Valley, Montana with his parents and younger sister, Angela. The tall, jagged Beartooth Mountains rise on one side of Paradise Valley. Snowcapped most of the year, they inspired the fantastic scenery in Eragon.
The idea of Eragon began as the daydreams of a teen. Christopher’s love for the magic of stories led him to craft a novel that he would enjoy reading. The project began as a hobby, a personal challenge; he never intended it to be published. All the characters in Eragon are from Christopher's imagination except Angela the herbalist, who is loosely based on his sister.
Christopher was fifteen when he wrote the first draft of Eragon. He took a second year to revise the book and then gave it to his parents to read. The family decided to self-publish the book and spent a third year preparing the manuscript for publication: copyediting,, designing a cover, typesetting the manuscript, and creating marketing materials. During this time Christopher drew the map for Eragon, as well as the dragon eye for the book cover (that now appears inside the Knopf hardcover edition). The manuscript was sent to press and the first books arrived in November 2001. The Paolini family spent the next year promoting the book at libraries, bookstores, and schools in 2002 and early 2003.

Direct passages

  1. " AS there conversation came to an end as three trumpets sounded outside the main hall. Then a flaxen-haired page dressed in a tunic stitched the Vardens standard- a white dragon holding a rose above a sword pointed downward on a purple field- marched through the open doorway at the far end of the hall, struck the floor with the ceremonial staff,and, in a thin, warbling voice, announced, "His most Exalted Royal Highness, Grimrr Halfpaw, KIng of the werecats, Lord of the lonely places, Ruler of Night reaches and He who walks Alone."

  • I chose this passage becase it gave a rather good description of the vardens insignia and the page was introducing the king of the werecats which nobody knew existed till he came to them to make a treaty and to help them overthrow king Galbritorix.

( Varden insignia )
2. "He opened his eyes and stared at the panel of fabric above his head. The interior of the tent was barely visible, and only because of the faint line of orange torchlight that seeped through the gap between the flaps at the entrance. The air felt cold and dead against his skin, as if he were buried in a cave deep underground. Whatever the time, it was late, very late. Even the animals of the night would have returned to their lairs and gone to sleep. No one ought to be up, save the sentinels, and the sentinels were stationed nowhere near his tent."
Roran kept his breathing as slow and shallow as he could while he listened for any other noises. The loudest thing he heard was the beating of his own heart, which grew stronger and faster as the line of tension within him thrummed like a plucked lute string.

A minute passed.

Then another.

Then, just when he began to think there was no cause for alarm and the hammering in his veins began to slow, a shadow fell across the front of the tent, blocking the light from the torches beyond. Roran’s pulse tripled, his heart pounding as hard as if he were running up the side of a mountain. Whoever was there could not have come to rouse him for the assault on Aroughs, nor to bring him some piece of intelligence, for they would not have hesitated to call his name and barge inside.

A black-gloved hand—only a shade darker than the surrounding murk—slid between the entrance flaps and groped for the tie that held them closed.
  • I chose this passage because it was a detailed scene before someone was about to take Rorans life. It was interesting to me because the way the author wrote it, it was like Roran had a sort of sixth sense kind of felling almost a pre-recognission of the situation.

3. He did not bother to hide his smile; he knew she would sense his amusement. “You shouldn’t be so upset. It wasn’t very big.” Reaching out, he traced the diamond-shaped hole on the left side of her snout, where the object of her consternation had so recently been ensconced. The gap in her sparkling armor was no larger than the end of his thumb and about an inch deep. At the bottom of it, her leathery blue hide was visible.

  • I chose this passage because i thought it was a little funny that Eragons dragon Saphira had lost a scale on her nose and was very self-conscious of it being missing and convinced herself that it would not grow back. Never mind the fact that she believed that without it she was ugly and not as a proper dragon should be.

4. When he spoke, his voice was low, rich, and commanding. Any bard who possessed such a mellifluous instrument would have his name praised throughout the land as a master of masters. The sound of it caused her skin to prickle; his words seemed to wash over her like warm waves of water, caressing her, beguiling her, binding her. Listening to him, she realized, was as perilous as listening to Elva.

I chose this passage because it gave very a commendable description of the malevolent King Galbritorix. I really liked the way they described his voice as they did it gives a good enough description to where you feel like you can almost hear his voice in your head every time he goes to talk.