Inheritance: Christopher Paolini

Summery: Inheritance written by Christopher Paolini is the forth book In a best selling cylce started in 2002 with the release of Eragon. This last and final book in the series "Inheritance" is about of a boy named Eragon a newly anointed Dragon rider, a protector and defender of the land of Alagasia. But this has not been his choice as the Dragon Itself choose him to be there own rider. Eragon & Saphira (Eragons Dragon) have the fate of all of Alagasia In there hands as they are the only two who can overthrow and defeat the evil king Galbatorix Oath Breaker, the name the king has been given after betraying and destroying the Riders of Old centuries ago during a battle on the Island of Vranguard the Dragon Riders homeland. With the help of 12 corrupted riders The Forsworn Galbatorix thought he had killed them all and took upon himself to become high king of Alagasia until present day. A freedom group of fighters known as the Varden led by Nasuada who recently had Eragon join forces with them have rebelled for years against the notorious king Galbatorix. Until recently they have been unsuccessful, the Varden has invaded and taken over back the cites and land of Dras Leona, Aroughs, and a number of others until they have reached Uru Baen where Galbatorix resides behind his fortified walls waiting to strike from the dark. Days after reaching the outer walls of Uru Baen the Varden are accompanied by the Elves of Du Weldenvarden along side the Urgals and Dwarfs who also fight for the Varden begin there perpetration for the upcoming battle. When the Fighting breaks out among the two armys they clash at the city walls, the Varden quickly break the defenses and invade the inner workings of the city but meet heavy resistance facing the bloodthirsty Commander of Galbatorixs army. Eragon although knowing the danger, flys into the city and towards the castle to where he alone must face Galbatorix and his ancient Dragon of Old Shurkin In the dark depths of his castle.

Direct Passages:
1.) Roran stepped foreword "If you run we'll kill you." Without taking his eyes off the two frightened men, he uttered Carn's name and, when the magician arrived at his side. he said, "Put them to sleep for me, If you would" The Magician quickly recited a phrase in the ancient language, ending with a word that sounded to Roran something like slytha. the two men collapsed bonelessly to the ground, their buckets tipping over as they struck the cobblestones. Pg. 183

I choose this passage because even though the dangerous situation they were both In Roran and Carn (Main Characters) still managed to find some humor in the type of place they were In and still managed to handle it quite well with no degree of difficulty.

2.) "I won't wait," Roran growled. He grabbed the mirror and pulled it toward him until it was only a few inches from his face. "Don't you coddle me, Nasuada. I can ride, and I can ride fast. The only reason came here is because Aroughs was a threat to the Varden. That threat Is gone now-- I removed It-- and I'm not about to stay here Injures or no injures, while my wife and unborn child sit camped less then a mile away from Murtagh and his dragon!" Pg. 207

Again you find Roran mentioned In one of the passages he just happens to show up quite a bit as he Is a main character In the book along with Eragon. I choose this passage because Roarn Is a fierce and noble warrior and within this passage while scrying (form of magical communication) with Nasuada, he brings out his more soft and caring side showing that he has a deep love for his family and he is willing to do anything to keep them from any danger or harm no matter what the form he alone would have to face.

3.) Panic began to well up inside of him again, despite his efforts to control It Pg. 286

In this passage Eragon is traveling among tunnels beneath Dras Leona were he has been recently captured by forces unknown. Eragon and Arya (one of his companions) has been captured and he can not reach her he then starts to panic. This shows that even the greatest of heros, big or small weak or powerful has there weakness and are not invincible as they may think they are.

4.) Fortunately, Glaedr made some allowances for Eragon's condition, although, as he said, "You must be ready to defend your innermost self at any given moment, even when you are sleeping. It may very well be that you will end up facing Galbatorix or Murtagh when you are as exhausted as you are now. Pg. 246

Inside of this passage you learn about Eragon, as tired and exhausted as he is, his mentor Glaedr (a former dragon, now deceased having his spirit guide Eragon and Saphira) teaches him that when you are at your weakest that is when your enemy will strike so you have to always be prepared for the unexspected. This is not only a part of advice for Ergaon in the book but also for in reality, as In life you cant simply give up but fight for what is yours and always be prepared for the surprises of life.

5.) Through his heart was thumping hard and fast and his palms were slick with sweat, Roran strove to maintain a calm demeanor. If his gambit was to have the slightest chance of success, he had to comport himself with an air of unbreakable confidence, regardless of his actual emotions. Pg. 149

I choose this passage because Roran as you may already know Is a strong and collected warrior. When faced with confrontation or an encounter witch was against the odds for him he always has kept a strong demeanor about himself. As in the 4th passage above I choose this one to compare to real life situations, if you or someone you know is under stress or in a bad situation in life whether it be a rut in your life or just homework your catching up that is behind don't loose your head keep a calm collective manor about yourself and review your situation plan out different strategies and project them to the best of your ability. In the end things will turn out good it is just a manor of keeping your wits about you.

Theme 1: One theme I found In the book of Inheritance would be, Good v. Evil. Good v. Evil is a classic theme found in many books, movies, real life situations and countless others. I believe this theme is in Inheritance because with the Varden being the good and Galbatorix and his Empire being the evil The two are continually fighting and struggling against each other to gain dominance and the upper hand over the other to control the land of Alagasia. The Varden fight for Freedom and equality among the races of dwarfs, Elves, and Humans while the Empire or Galbatorix seeks to destroy and control every vast corner amoung his sights of vision killing any who oppose him.

Theme 2: The second theme I found among the book of Inheritance would be Forbidden love. As you read throughout the book you will find that Eragon is strongly affectionate for one of his Elf companions named Arya. Arya is a eleven princess Eragon has met in book one of "Eragon" through out the series you find out Eragons feelings towards her are strong as they keep growing thought out the books, he has told her this multiple times his feelings towards her but Arya cannot as she is over a hundred years older then he will ever be. Arya also travels as an ambassador for her elven race as well as the war among the races witch would stop her and Eragon from becoming something more.

Main Characters:
Eragon: Eragon being around 20 years has has brown hair & eyes, being somewhat stocky and having sharp facial features. During a celebration known as the "Blood Oath" among the elves Eragons form and features where changed drastically improving his physical fitness and removing all scars from previous battles. He is 10x stronger then the normal being of his kind (Humans) being able to leap, fight, and move faster. Eragons attitude is he is a bit headstrong and gives in to his anger easy at times, but he has a deep compassion for his close friends willing to do anything for them no matter the danger for characters such as Roran and Arya he is also smart and loyal to those around him.

Arya: Arya Is an eleven princess/ambassador of her people In Du Weldenvarden. She has raven black hair, and slanted green eyes shes a master swordsmen and magic user being 103 years in age as elves can age for centuries. Arya Is loyal to her people as well as to the Varden, shes smart intellectual being handling any situation with ease.

Saphira: Saphira pronounced Suh-fear-uh is Eragons Dragon having blue eyes and scales with sharp ivory horns running along her back she tends to be a bit over confident with herself, getting into trouble frequently throughout the whole series. Having being bounded to Eragon sense she hatched the two are attached and very close to each other.

Roran: Roran gaining the name "Stronghammer" after winning countless battles is Eragons Cousin. Being two years older then Eragon as well as being taller and more built. He is a fierce and noble warrior being able to plan and Execute plans to tackle any situation at hand that he encounters. He and Eragon grew up in Carvahall, when he joined the Varden after he lead the defense of his hometown against the Razac he quickly rose among the ranks becoming a commander of a brigade.

Murtagh: Murtagh is Eragons half brother, his father Morzan helped Galbatorix destroy the Riders of Old. He Is shorter and stockier then Eragon being the better the swordsman, He is the newest rider of the land with his red dragon "Thorn". Murtagh was forced in the ancient language to obey and serve Galbatorix or face the death of him and his dragon, he now faces Eragon and the Varden against his will.

Nasuada: Being Slime and slender but still stronger them most of her own warriors is the leader of the Varden a rebellion that goes against the Empire. Nasuada is forceful, brave, and controlling as she has to be for over the past months she has fought Galbatorix and his armies. She is also a fair ruler hearing everyone takes an not simply doing what she pleases as some corrupt leaders do.

Glandr: Was a dragon of old who survived the fall of the riders with his now currently deceased rider "Oromis". His left leg had been severed on Vranguard when Galbatorix and his twisted Forsworn attacked and destroyed the Riders City. Gladrs spirit now remains in a "hearts of hearts' a circular stone Eragon keeps among his personal belongings, he guides Eragon and Saphira through out the book training them and teaching them the ways of the Riders, knowledge that was thought to be forgotten. Though he is no longer in his body form, Gladr spirit still posses its magical powers inside the "hearts of hearts'. He morns at the death of his rider staying almost constantly in a mad/depressed rage.

The setting In the book of Inheritance takes place in the land of Alagaesia, Alagaesia is a land composed of areas such as the mast forest of the Spine, the Hardic Desert, Surda, and many other such as Du Weldenvarden or the Beor Mountains home of the dwarfs. This is a fictional world there is no electricity much similar to that of the middle ages where magic, swords and castles are a common presence.
My opinion and analysis of this book is, it is a rely good read if your one who enjoys fantasy and adventure in your reading. It has a great stroyline that grips the reader that will have you finding yourself staying up wondering what will happen next. As it takes you threw the epic battles that enrage across the wa rtorn land of Alagasia to the mysic wonders of Vranguard the Riders city island or old, To the far reaches of the towering Beor Mountains you will be sure to find yourself leaning over the edge griping the book wanting to know what is going to happen next.

About the Arthour:
Christopher Paolnin was born November 17, 1983 in Los Angeles California. He began writing the series at the age of fifteen, In 2011 he released Inheritance selling over 25 million copies worldwide In 45 different languages. All characters and ideas are from his own personal imagination besides a few that are based off family relatives.