The Apprentice By: Tess Gerritsen

During a very hot summer in Boston. In the city there is a series of shocking crimes, where wealthy men are forced to watch while their wives are brutalized. A pleasure demand that ends in a abduction and death.
The patterns of the crimes suggest one man a serial killer named Warren Hoyt, who was recently removed from the streets of Boston. The police can only assume that it is someone basing his crimes on the medical techniques of the madman he so much admires. At least that's what Detective Jane Rizzoli thinks. Who is forced once again to confront the killer who scarred her literally and figuratively. Rizzoli is determined to finally put an end to Hoyt's influence, even if that means receiving even more resistance from all of her all male homicide squad, Or meeting Special Agent Gabriel Dean, who knows more than he will tell.

But Jane was not counting on the U.S. government sudden interest. But most of all Rizzoli is not counting in becoming a target herself. When Hoyt is suddenly free, joining a mysterious blood brother in a vicious vendetta.

Main Characters

Jane Rizzoli
Jane Rizzoli is a detective in Boston, she is a confident and independent woman. She is a tom-boy daughter of a over protective mother. Rizzoli can tackle a perp like a linebacker, she survived a near-death brutal attack by Warren Hoyt (in the tv show Charles Hoyt), who she put behind bars Still haunted by him, she has scars on her hands from the attack. You often see her wearing slacks and dress shirt on the job, and at comfy clothes.

Barry Frost


Detective Frost is Jane partner. He is uncomfortable with dead bodies or blood, he tends to get physically ill. He is the computer guru for the department. He is often seen wearing suits.

Vince Korsak


He is detective from Newton, he tends to get sweaty and smokes. He calls Jane when the first victim turns up. He wears suits. He has a daughter in the book.

Gabriel Dean


Gabriel Dean is a FBI agent that showed up in the woods where the second victim was found, and said that he is on the case. You often see him in suits or dress shirts and pants.

Maura Isles


Dr. Maura Isles is a medical examiner and forensic expert. She is incapable of guessing, and relies on facts an her knowledge to explain things in the world. She wears dresses, she always looks like she is going to a photo shoot even at a crime scene.

Warren Hoyt


Warren Hoyt is a serial killer, He is obsess with Jane. Jane put him in jail after he attacked her, and he broke out and went after her again. He was kicked out of medical school

Direct Passages
Still staring into the camera, Hoyt raised his right hand, palm facing forward, as though he were about to swear in court to tell the truth. With his left hand he pointed to his open palm. And he smiled. (PAGE 121)

I chose this passage because it shows that he is still obsess with her, and that he is going to go after her again.

She sat with every muscle tensed, her heart racing, as she waited for his next gesture. The one she already understood. He raised his palm. "Pause it," she said "right here!" (PAGE 121-122)

I chose this passage because she had already realized what it meant.

On the screen, Hoyt stood frozen with a smile on his face, his left index pointing to his right hand. The image left her stunned. "What does it mean? Do you know?" She swallowed. "Yes." (PAGE 122)

I chose this passage because she was debating if she should tell them. And because you could tell her fear is coming back like a rush of water.

She opened her hands, which had been closed into fists on her lap. On both her pals were the scars left from Hoyt's attack a year ago, thick knots that healed over two holes torn by his scalpels. Arlen and Canady stared at her scars. "Hoyt did that to you?" said Arlen.(PAGE 122)

I chose this passage because it describes her scars that Hoyt gave her. It also shows she fought through her fear and told them what he did to her a year ago.

She nodded. "That's what it means. That's why he raised his hand." She looked at the TV, where Hoyt was still smiling, his palm open to the camera. "It's a little joke, just between us. His way of saying hello. The surgeon is talking to me." (PAGE 122)

I chose this passage because it shows how obsess he is with Jane, and that he is going to come after again. Jane is showing that her fear is a part of her even though she does not like to show emotions.

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Showing fear is a weakness.This them is shown in the book by Jane because Jane think showing any type of emotions cause it shows weakness. But she thinks showing fear is more of weakness, and she thinks if she shows fear then the men cops in the department might think she is a weakling. She never shows Hoyt her fear.
Obsession can drive you crazy. This theme is shown in the book by Hoyt because he is very obsess with Jane ever since he first saw her, that he will do anything to get her to finished what he started. He trains a apprentice to help capture Jane, the apprentice will do whatever he is told to do.


The setting of the book is in Boston, where it is hot and humid most of the time and in Newton a town out side of Boston, where people are richer and nicer stuff. It also takes place in the wood where the apprentice leaves the bodies, where he can go back and view them anytime he wants.

Book Review

It has been a year after the events of the surgeon and Jane Rizzoli is still haunted by the after effects from the attack by Warren Hoyt. Her hands still show the scars, and he still in her dreams. There is no time to dwell on it when she is called to a horrific crime scene in a better Boston neighborhood, where a man's throat had been slit and look like he had been forced to watch his wife be raped. The wife is missing, but some of the evidence at the scene unbelievably looks like the surgeon's handiwork. This is impossible because Hoyt is rotting in jail, but there was enough difference that the perp is obviously someone else, although the similarities are jarring did Warren Hoyt have an apprentice? Things go from bad to worse as Jane takes the lead in the case, despite the FBI showing up. Detective Rizzoli does not trust him, but can she trust herself either especially when Warren Hoyt escapes from jail. Will Hoyt and the apprentice team up, and wreak havoc in her life? And race against time, and sh has to figure out what will go on before they come after her.

Author Information

Tess Gerritsen took a different route to w writing career. She graduated from Stanford University, she went on to Medical School at University of California in San Fransisco where she got her M.D.

When she went on maternity leave from her job as a physician,she began to write fiction. Her very first novel was published in 1987.
The series of novels featuring homicide Detective Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles a medical examiner inspired the TNT television series "Rizzoli & Isles" starin Angie Harmon as Detective Jane Rizzoli and Sasha Alexander as medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles. Now that she retired from medicine, she writes full time.