The Last song By: Nicholas Sparks


The Last song is about an eighteen year old girl named Veronica (Ronnie) Miller and her little brother Jonah who goes to Wrightsville, North Carolina to stay with their dad who's name is Steve Miller. At the beginning of the summer Ronnie is a rebellious seventeen year old girl who is angry with her parents for their messy divorce. She is very angry that she is being forced to spend the summer with her father that she hasn't talked to for the past three years. She doesn't want to reconnect with the father that walked away from her, her mother and her younger brother. The summer she thought was going turn ou badly ends up being an opportunity for her to learn about faith, family, and love.

Main Characters


Ronnie Miller-Is a seventeen year old girl, she is tender and caring

and smart. She does not like being told what to do. She also likes

having her voice heard. In the beginning of the story she wears

dark clothes, at the end it's a mixture. She falls in love with Will.


Jonah Miller- He is Ronnie's younger brother. He is very energetic and does not like to be put down, especially by family. He always loves to have the last word in arguments. He loves his family unconditionally and is very curious. Jonah wears glasses in the book and wears mostly shorts and short sleeves shirts. He is really skinny.


Will Blakelee- He is very rich, volunteers at an aquarium and plays volley ball. His only brother died in a car accident. Will wears dress shirts and shorts. He is down to earth and real. He falls in love with Ronnie.


Steve Miller- Is Ronnie and Jonah's father, He is Very tender and loving and wise. He always tries to make the best out of all situations and does not get angry easily. He's religious (reads the Bible every night). He puts others before himself and he has a lot of determination.


Marcus- Is a troublemaker, loves attention, loves to seduce girls and have sex. He hates girls who push him away. Marcus manipulates girls into being his personal servant.


Blaze- Is Clingy and she can not think for herself. She isn't independent. She hates her life at home, especially for her dad's girlfriends and her mom's boyfriend. Also, she is rebellious.

Direct Passages:
Ronnie slouched in the front seat of the car, wondering why on earth her mom and dad hated her so much. It was the only thing that could explain why she was here visiting her dad, in this godforsaken southern armpit of a place, instead of spending time with her friends back home in Manhattan. (PAGE 5)
I chose this passage because it shows that Ronnie did not want to go to her dad's for the summer and that she was angry with her parents for making her go.

Inside the box were four grey puppies, one of which hopped up on its hind legs to peer over the side at her. " Hi, little guy," she said. The elderly women smiled. "Do you want to hold him? He's the fun one. I call him Seinfeld." The puppy gave a high-pitched whine. "No, that's okay." He was cute though. Really cute, even if she didn't think the name suited him. (PAGE 26)
I chose this passage because it shows how kind and loving she it toward animals.
She felt him grab her shoulders in a simultaneous attempt to stop his momentum and prevent her from falling. She felt her arm jerk on impact and watched almost in fascination as the lad flew off styrofoam cup, soda through the air before drenching her face and shirt. And then, just like that, it was over. Up close, she saw the brown haired player staring at her, his eyes wide with shock. " Are you okay?" he panted. (PAGE 28-29)
I chose this passage because this it were Ronnie and Will first met when she was watching the volleyball game even though they don't know each others names.
" Hey by the way, did you see the girl who stopped the fight?" he asked. " The one who helped the boy find hi mom?" It took a moment for the words to register. " You mean the vampire chick in the cartoon shirt?" "She's not a vampire." (PAGE 69)
I chose this passage because Will is remembering Ronnie and he sticks up for her when Scott calls her a vampire.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" "Do you mean a romantic walk, or

just a walk?" "I'm going to say ... just a walk." "Good choice." She

clapped her hands together. "But just so you know, I don't want to

go too far, being that the aquarium volunteers weren't concerned

about the raccoon and the eggs are still exposed." (PAGE 135-136)

I chose this passage because this is the first tim they talked for a long period time and because this is when they decided to hang out.
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Teenage Rebellion can be a result of not having a father figure. This theme is shown in the book by Ronnie being rebellious because her father left and never came to visit her so as a result of not having a father figure she got into a lot of trouble back in New York. I think she does this to show her anger to her father. Her mother is engaged but she does think of her mother's boyfriend as a father figure.

Rumors can couse difficulties in love relationships.This theme is shown in the book by Ronnie and Will's relationship because his ex-girlfriend tells Ronnie that Will is a player and Ronnie and Will got in a fight and she told him that she was done. But then they get back together.

Setting The last song takes place in a small beachfront town called Wrightsville, North Carolina. Ronnie's father lives in an old small house along the coast right on the beach. The town is very small with few shops and a small church that is being rebuilt because it was caught on fire and burned down.


A 17 year old girl named Ronnie Miller had her world turned upside-down when her parents got divorced and her dad moved away to Wrightsville North Carolina. Three years latter Ronnie is angry with her parents, especially her dad. Until her mom decides it would be the best for everyone if she and her younger brother spend the summer with their father. The story unfolds in a unforgettable love story.