The Road by:Cormac McCarthy
By: Josh Scoville

About the Author:
Cormac McCarthy was born in Providence, Rhode Island on July 20,1933. He was originally named Charles but he renamed himself Cormac after the Irish King. His father was a lawyer. Cormac McCarthy was raised Roman Catholic and attended Catholic High School in Knoxville. He went to the university of Tennessee and majored in liberal arts. He did four years in the United States Air Force. He is the 3rd child out of 6 in his family. He has won many awards including this book is a #1 National Bestseller. He has two sons Cullen McCarthy and John McCarthy. Both children are with different women. His genre of writing Southern Gothic, Western, and Post-apocalyptic.

This book takes place in the USA, it starts off in October and they are trying to run from the winter that is coming. In this book there is a man and his boy, in a world where there has being a disaster or a war. The man and his boy are trying to get south where it is warmer because they will not be able to make another winter where they are. He has a pistol with only two shots in it but ends up with one because he used the other to kill a gang member who tried to capture him and his son. There is snow and ash all over the place. The main way to travel in a road. On this road there is gangs and cannibals and only a few people. There is a ocean and they are trying to get it because if they follow it they will make it out. Lighting storms go on at night. That burn down towns and everything in its way.

Theme1.This books theme is just Man V’s Nature, the winter and the storm is trying to stop this boy and his father from living and surviving in this world. The fires the storm’s there is so many ways nature can try and kill the father and his son. The man and his boy are going to where they won’t need to worry about the cold.
Theme2. Another theme this book is Like Father Like Son because the father is trying to teach his boy how to survive this work with what they got. How to survive the harsh winters and how to not except defeat. The boy and his father have something really special together they get to know each other during the book.


The Father is a older man I think he might be in his late 40’s or his early 50’s. He is very protective of his son. He will do anything to keep his boy alive. He wears old rag like clothes, he has old worn out shoes. He try’s to teach his young boy how to survive in this world without getting killed by gangs. He also teaches his boy how to read. He is a loving father who just wants the best for his son.

The Boy is a young kid which I think he might be 10-12 years old he isn’t like his father in the way he thinks about the world he is loving and he wants to give everyone a chance which his father doesn’t like because you cannot trust anyone in this world. He isn’t thick at all, he is very small because of the fact they have barely any food at all. He is starving just like everyone in this world.

The setting is taken place in the USA in the future where a Nuclear war took place. They are somewhere near the coast, it was a world where something bad that had happened maybe a war or something to that extent. There is forest fire in the woods that kill the trees and food supply. It is gray outside the water was the same. There is cannibals in gangs trying to find any young or old people so they can rape and kill them. Then use them for tools and food.

Direct Passages

I think that the book was good. But I would of liked to know if the boy and the family he went with made it or how long they made it. It was a good read and a easy read for me. I also liked that they made a movie about it. It’s just one of those books that grabs you, and it grabbed me. I would of liked to see the father survive though. It is a very detailed book.