Direct passages!

1st direct passage from the book:" We snorted cocaine off the cover of go ask Alice"
I love this passage because in this book out of all the things that she does, she says this with ease like it was cool and the new thing for her to do this. In her eyes this was the best thing she had done... page 34
2nd direct passage from the book: " I will be a good girl I will, I will, I will" Another one of my favorites because as much as she thought this in her head she couldn't do anything but be bad. It was all that she knew how to do, and all of the people she called "friends" taught her to be this way. Made her think bad was the only way to be cool! page 99
3rd direct passage from the book: "You can do anything you want" I think through out the whole novel she does think this but she doesn't use it as a good thing she uses it as if she were going to play a trick on some more men or she was going to snort some more drugs. If she had used this in a good way the book wouldn't have been interesting. page 93
4th direct passage from the book: " She's psycho, we all called her the ice queen" Sara didn't take this as anyone making fun of her, she took it as she was accepted and she had achieved what she had wanted. Sara wanted people to think of her this way.. page 183
5th direct passage from the book: "My fellow criminals are kind to me" Sara thinks because she doesn't have a normal family being ditched out on by her dad and mom that these people are nice to her because they love her.. When in all reality she is so alone in this world she doesn't even have a clue. page 177
6th direct passages: "You didn't fuck up Sarah, they f* up Sarah" This passage actually made me laugh because when you think about it, in the beginning of Sara's life they could have made her a different person but didn't. Events in her life made her feel and act the way that she does.

Two possible themes for this book: The first theme is teenage drama, because as much as we don't like to say it this wasn't that different then what some teens really do have to face to survive. Although many really don't have a choice and didn't choose it because she certinatly did. The second theme for this book would have to be abandonment, throughout the whole book that's the main cause of her problems. Sara never had anyone that was willing to stick around and teach her to be a good person, the people who did stick around were the people that would teach her to be something that she shouldn't have been.

Character Description: The main character in this book is Sara, she is a thin girl with dark ratty hair who wears her hooker friends fur coat with the high, high heels and a skin tight dress. Her attitude is laid back maybe way to laid back she lets many people influence her and doesn't really have a voice in many of the desicions made for her. She has in her mind what she thinks is cool and when she finds someone that will teach her she is all ears. She has this perception of the world we live in being so terrible that she makes the world around her match.

Setting Description: For the description she is in British Columbia and it's the 80's big hair and torn clothes are the cool thing to wear, the grunge is in. She lives in a town with lots of stoners and even is raised by one. On the streets in her town there is nothing but sex, drugs and rock and roll. Many girls sell their body for money and rarely shower. Her home is a place with a big garden, her house isn't very clean and neither is her father. She is an only child living with her father and no mother so its not an ordinary house hold.

The Review:
Two weeks can change a person's life forever, especially in the case of 16-year-old Sara. Born with a mysterious fever, Sara's life has never matched her picturesque hometown of Victoria, BC's postcard-perfect reputation. Deserted long ago by her rebellious heiress mother, Sara has somehow managed to piece together a life with her sensitive, pot-smoking father. Unable to cope with his teenage daughter's coming of age, Seamus drives off into the woods, abandoning Sara to fend for herself. Desperate for guidance, for a role model, for a little bit of excitement, Sara has a fleeting encounter with a mysterious girl Justine, a teenage runaway in the torn skirt who holds for Sara the promise of beauty, connection, danger. Her search for Justine which is, in essence, her search for herself takes her into the dark, but the underlying cause of violence, drugs, prostitution, and even murder. The Torn Skirt leaves you hoping and aching for a sign that this unusually story of a young woman will emerge better than before, all the way to the final page. For me this book was kinda a let down at the end because through the whole book I thought that maybe she would come out and surprise everyone. I thought through a couple chapters she would change and make herself a better person inside and out. So sadly she doesn't and just keeps that bad Sara outside for everyone to see.. and while all of us keep hope.. she never had any of it.

Summery: "Sara Shaw is a 16 year old teenager growing up in Victoria, British Colombia during the 80's. Nicknamed Ice Queen by the kids at school due to their belief she is stuck up, Sara is immersed in skipping class, hanging out with the stoners and getting her first taste of young love with high schooler, Dean Black. Sara is being raised by her drug addicted father after leaving a commune called the Pleasure Family. When Sara's father catches her in the act of masturbation, Sara is abruptly abandoned when her father walks out of her life. Left to fend for herself, Sara soon starts skipping school and hanging out in the streets with a teenage prostitute named China. China involves Sara in a plot to rob a john of his money. Sara is put into a home for girls with anger and disaplin problems were she is soon taught by the other girls that she wasn't bad enough and is taught many ways of seeking attention. After getting out of that place she is soon finding herself involved with the courts when she is facing court she thinks that she is one of the coolest. The end of the book brings us to her sitting in the back of a beater car with AC/DC playing and pot smoke all around her and it lets us know that she as found her way it doesn't say how, were, or when but she finds her way in life. In a way this had always been her life but now she had relized it."

About the author: Rebecca Godfrey is a novelist and non-fiction writer. She is also a writing mentor with the Creative Nonfiction (magazine) mentoring program.
She was born in Toronto, Ontario, to writers Dave Godfrey and Ellen Godfrey. As a child her family relocated to Victoria, British Columbia. Godfrey attended the University of Toronto and Sarah Lawrence College, from which she received a MFA in Creative Writing. She worked in Toronto and New York as a journalist and editor before writing her first novel, Torn Skirt.

Her first book, Torn Skirt (2001), a novel, was shortlisted for the 2002 Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize.

Her second book, Under the Bridge (2005), an investigation into the beating death of Reena Virk, received British Columbia's National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction in 2006.
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Teenager- My chemical romance

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A picture of what I think looks like Justine.

What I think China looks like.
Nicholas the one with the greasy hair..